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A small but growing number of adults, including married spouses, are sending inappropriate or nude pictures of themselves over cell phones. Because of high resolution cams and hardware and amateur girlfriend sex software breakthroughs in light-compensation, modern webcams are capable of making quality videos that would have been the envy of any movie producer 20 years ago. Somewhere on LiveJasmin, My Free Cams or Chaturbate, there is a girl in a bubblegum pink sex harness getting paid £10 to rub a balloon over her foot because some guy with a fetish begged her to. Another girl is studying Psychology at university. Elsewhere on the site, a girl who used to earn minimum wage serving microwaved beef burgers to customers who never said thank you now has an Instagram fan page dedicated to the way she jiggles her ass in cake frosting. The more you move, the more likely you are to grab the client’s attention as they scroll glassy-eyed through the home page. After leaving a student apartment complex which cost them $1,000 (£759) for a 500 square ft bedroom, they endured a brief stint sleeping in a tent in the woods before eventually turning to camming – a profession that allows them to Chat sexy live in a lovely home and support their nine-month-old baby.

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